Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 3 watch party

Hi Huskers Fans, 

It is disappointing to lose the game, but our team definitely shown great sign of progressing and different mentality.The fumbles and penalties are somewhat because of inexperience and lack of the game from last week. The defense is aggressive and offense definitely put up a lot of yards. Freshman QB had more than 110 yds of rushing and 187 passing before he left the game. We hope he can be back for Tory's game, before we head to Ann Arbor. 

We had great turn out at South Lamar Lavaca St Bar. Several folks are willing to help out at South Lamar location. I have listed their email down below. Feel free to talk to them or email this address for any needs and feedback. Let's pack all our locations again this week. 

I was told there were about 20 people showed up at Waller Creek Pub. We will keep the group there for the season. I encourage central fans go to Lacava St Bar. But feel free to stay at Waller too. 

This  week's game is against Troy. Troy is currently 1-1; loss to Boise State but defeated FL AM. Huskers should be able to improve their record to 1-1 after this game. Game kickoff at 11AM. I will be at Sam's Boat for game 3. Come out and join your fellow Huskers fan for the first win of the season.