Monday, October 29, 2018


Hi Huskers Fans, 

Our team did well against BCU. The starters got some rest and a lot of the walkons got their action to play in the game. Backup QB got some action as well. 

This week our team travel to Columbus to face an elite team of Big Ten. Ohio State just loss to Purdue which leads to drop to No.11 from No.2 on the ranking. Our team will get their best shot this week. 

Huskers team have improved a lot and coaches are working on getting the team ready. We will definitely challenge Ohio State. 

We will have our all 4 locations listed below for watch party. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Hi fellow Huskers Fans, 

We did it! Our staff and team did it!!! 357 days after our very last win at West Lafayette, we are back. More on Purdue later. Coach Frost register his first win as head coach. The team finally put things together. The record does not represent there team's status. If you are interested in knowing why is this team can only go up from here and keep fighting, listen to what Carlos Daivs said around 2:40 in the link below on huskermax.

Next week we are going to make up the game that we missed due to storm and lighting. Game time is 11AM. The huskers are a little beat up at this point. I hope a quick start and close before we heading to Columbus the week after. BTW, the Purdue team who beat us at home earlier this season, dismantled Ohio. 

We will have our four locations for watch party. GBR!!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nebraska vs Minnesota Watch Party

Sigh......... With UCLA record first win of the season, we are the only Power 5 team that is winnless. It was heat broken to watch our team blow 10 pts lead with 5 mins left on the clock. The team is getting better but seems missed many fundamentals. We just can not close on a 3rd and long or even 4th and long. 

This week's opponent Minnesotan who loss to Ohio the past weekend. This is also the team that nailed the coffin on Mike Riley's tenure by rushing 400+ yards last year. I think this might be the game we finally turn the corner. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nebraska VS Northwestern Watch Party

Hi Husker Fans,

The first year seems very hard for us. But coaches have seen the team's mentality changed during the last two weeks of practice. I think we are getting pieces together and will pass this. 

This week the Huskers travels to Evansville to play a Northwestern team that is winless at home. Noticeably, Northwestern loss to Akron in their second game this season. But they did played a close game with Michigan and upset Michigan State last week. 

We will have our three locations. Game is at 11AM. I will be out this week.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Nebraska vs Wisconsin Watch Party

Hi Husker Fans,

Coach Frost was very emotional at the press conference after Purdue game. Many players promised to step up and lead the team to the right direction. It seems that the team is divided between guys fights every down and some guys always make bad decisions. We played well enough in three games to win, but always fell short due to undisciplined behaviors.  Apparently, the coaches have decided to make personnel changes which reflected on the newly released depth chart. Noticeably,  running back Ozigbo is the only No.1 back on the chart and CB Lamar Jackson is benched.  

Our record so far is very disappointed. However, Coach Frost is the right person to lead this team. Given a year or two we can be where we were. 

This week Huskers travelling to Madison to face off with a very good Wisconsin team. Wisconsin is heavily favored to win the game. But we will see our team put up a fight to win this game. We will have all three watch party locations. Game time is 6:30.