Sunday, November 18, 2018

Nebraska vs Iowa watch party#GBR #COTN #HUSKERS

Hi Fans, 

Yesterday's game was a nasty street fight. Our team did not quit like what often happened during Riley era, nor melt downs against Wisky or Ohio when Bo is the head coach. This team will fight to the last second against any team in the nation now.  It illustrates how good our football program's culture today. It also shows the bright future of this team moving forward. Our D and Special team played arguably the best game of the year. Antonio Reed saved his best game for his last show at the stadium. He forced 2 fumbles and registered 1 INT at 1 yard line. In additional to that, he had several TFLs. Pickering is 3/3 on FG, breaking his own longest filed goal record not only once but twice in the game. It seems Foltz and MSU's Sadler were there to make the game a kicker's game. 

What a season!! We had so much pain at the beginning to watch the team going through culture changes. We had several heart broken games that we came so close. The season really built the characters of the team. It is hard to believe we have only 6 days left for 2018 Huskers football. 

One of the last two Black Friday games until a while later!!!! Our team travel to Iowa to close the season. The Huskers want to win the game to build momentum for recruiting and next year. Some of the 4th year seniors on the team never had win against Iowa. We have not had a road win this season. It is a perfect time to make the statement. Game time is 11AM. We will have all our 4 locations. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nebraska vs Michigan State watch party#GBR #COTN #HUSKERS

Hi Fans, 

Can not believe that we have only 10 days left for this season. It seems just yesterday that we have our game cancelled due to thunder. Our team definitely took the right direction after 0-6 start. From the coaches and players' press conference, our culture has changed and it is a good foundation for future success. 

This week's game is the last home game for the season. That means it will be the last time our seniors play at Memorial Stadium. Players are working hard to send out seniors with a W. The opponent Michigan state just loss to Ohio last week. They do have one of the best running defense of our league. The game should be fun to watch.

Both of our remaining games are at 11AM.  See you all at the watch site.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Hi Fans, 

We came so close on getting a big signature road win for coach Frost last week. Team played well in general. Defense registered 3 turnovers and offensively we move the chain for most of the times. Special team is where the improvement need to be made the most. 

This week, the team return home to face an Illinois team that just beat Minnesota. Illinois team might start with former Huskers QB AJ Bush. It is going to be an interesting game. Apparently, OL Tanner Farmer is on fire about this game. See the link of the interview below. 

Tanner Farmer Interview