Friday, September 14, 2018

Update on Huskers Football

Hi Husker Fans, 

I hope everyone had a good week. Apparently, there were many teams opened up for our make up game on the east coast due to hurricane Florence. One of them is UCF whose game is cancelled and has the same bye as Nebraska. We will wait and see. I hope we do not need to make up that game. I also hope we are in the championship game in December instead of a make up game. 

QB status is a game day decision. Adrian did not practice this week with the team. Frost and staff had submitted video evidence of CU LB twisting Martinez's leg after he was down. We will see what happens. The team is very upbeat about the coming game. We will see coach Frost's first victory this week. BTW, seven defenders were awarded with BLACK SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!

I encourage south central fans to make Lavaca street S Lamar first.

Last week there were some complaints about Waller Creek's situation. The owner actually apologized to our fans for last week's confusion and inconvenient. I have communicated with the owner. She praise our fans' action and class (Of course, we are Nebraska; The greatest fans in NCAA FB). She told me on Tuesday that she might cut tie with the other team that had conflicts with us at Waller Creek Pub. She call me earlier today that they cut the tie already. I will not mentioned the other team's name. But the other team apparently went back on Sunday and caused a lot of issue for the management.  

From now on, the only time we could have some conflicts at Waller will be Clemson, UGA and us play at the same time. However, we have more people show up than Clemson.  We will take the lounge room and Clemson will take the bar in that case. This weekend all three team is playing at the same time. We will have the lounge room. Clemson take the bar. Otherwise, we will have the lounge and the bar. We sure can pack all three locations. All three games play at same time this week due to hurricane Florence moved Clemson and UGA game time to 11.