Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Capital of Texas Nebraskans

Yes, this is an off week for the Huskers. They have an extra week to prepare for the Big 10 portion of their schedule. The next game is October 5 against Illinois with an 11 AM kickoff. Third Base will open at 10:30 a.m. for that game.

The 3 and 1 Huskers had a good showing last week, resting the injured Taylor Martinez. Thanks to everyone who came out for the last watch party. Nice crowd both North and South.

Thanks also to all the supporters who showed up on Sunday for the Huskers vs Longhorns women's volleyball game. The Huskers lost, but what a great match. This went to 5 sets losing in the fifth set by 3 points. The young Husker team played a great game in a very noisy, sold out Texas environment. AND I am happy to say the Nebraska supporters provided a lot of the noise. This group of Huskers will only get better. Great turnout for a very exciting event. My compliments to the Longhorns on the win and I was impressed by the Texas team providing autographs and pictures for their fans for about 20 minutes following the game.

"HUSKER" Plate Auction

For the first time the highly coveted 6  letter Texas license plate with the University of Nebraska message, "HUSKER" is being auctioned to the highest bidder. The winner will own HUSKER for ten years, with first right of renewal thereafter. This is exclusively available at To participate in the auction and bid, create an account at "".

Auction details:
  The auction is being conducted online, from 12 noon on Sept. 13th and ending at 12 noon on October 6th 2013.
  HUSKER will be sold for a 10-year term, with first right of renewal at the state's everyday pricing.
  The plate is transferable from one vehicle to another of the same owner.
  Go to to bid.

All Proceeds Benefit the scholarship funds for the North Texas Nebraskans, Capital of Texas Nebraskans and Houstonians for Huskers. To purchase a University of Nebraska License plate without bidding please visit

We appreciate you fans coming out for our watch parties. It is also great that you are willing to share your tables when conditions are crowded. Nebraska fans are known for being great and you are keeping up the tradition. Thanks for your participation in our raffle, merchandise sales, and the board.  These items along with your dues contribute to our group providing scholarship money to the University on an annual basis. A reminder your dues ($20 for a family for the year, $15 if  you are an NAA member) can be paid at the watch party or online via PayPal on our website.

See you next week, October 5, for NU vs Illinois.


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