Sunday, August 25, 2019

Week 1 Huskers game watch party information.


Husker Fans, 

The wait is almost over. We are finally going to see some action this Saturday. Weather is sunny and mid 70s this Saturday. The team is ready and fans are ready too. 

Your team captains are Adrian Martinez, Matt Farniok, Mohamed Barry and Darrion Daniels. All eyes on the "leap year" progress. 

Game time is 11am August 31st. We will fill all four locations. I want to remind everyone that north location has changed to Thirdbase Round Rock. This is not the third base off 183 where we were a few years ago. This is a different location. 

Week 2 Husker take the road to face an old foe in Boulder at 2:30PM.

North Austin: Third base Round Rock (Not the northwest location)

Central: Waller Creek Pub House

South Location: Lavaca St Bar South Lamar  

Georgetown Location: