Thursday, September 6, 2018

Game 2 watch party update #GBR#HUSKERS#COTN

Dear Huskers Fans

Finally we can watch some Huskers football!!!!!!

Important update:

We are adding third location for south downtown people at Lavaca Street Bar S. Lamar location. Sam's Boat and Waller Creek will still there for our watch party. We are adding this location to address the challenges at Waller Creek. 

I have communicated with the owner at Waller Creek Pub several times. However, they are really tight on space and want us to give priority to UWV group there. I heard last week we have many fans that were sitting outside. With the rainy forecast and cooler weather coming, it will not work. Plus this week, we will have conflicts with UWV game. Manager wants our fans to move to bar area and give the lounge room to UWV when they show up at 5:00 which is unacceptable.

I acted quickly to add Lavaca Street Bar S. Lamar location to our watch party. I encourage our fans who live close by to go to Lavaca Street Bar instead of Waller. 

For fans do not care much about stay at Waller Creek bar area, feel free to stay. Just be aware that Waller Creek Pub is going be Bar area only for our fans when conflicts with UWV. 

Instead of going to Waller Creek for Colorado game, I will be at Lavaca Street S. Lamar location. 

Sincerely Alex Huang

All three watch locations listed below

North Austin Location Sam's Boat North Austin: 10931 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759