Saturday, September 13, 2014


I apologize for the late notice. Third Base South Park informed me that because they were showing the boxing match tonight, they would have a problem seating our fans and may not have video screens available for the game. They also indicated that they would be charging a cover due to the fight coverage.

I met with the manager at Third Base NW. He indicated that he could accommodate our group as planned but said crowding would be extra heavy due to the weather. The original plan was to place the fight fans outside with a projection screen. With the current wet weather, the outside parking lot area may not work.  We are also competing with Texas and Texas A&M games in the same time slot.

For both these reasons, I felt it was important to notify everyone as soon as I knew the situation, so you can adjust your plans. Locally, the game is being shown on CBS Sports Network. This is a cable network, so the coverage may not be available to all.  CBS Sports Network Channels available:

  AT&T Uverse   643,  1643(HD)
  Time Warner  315
  Direct TV       221
  Dish Network 158

You can likely catch the game on a screen at Third Base NW. Husker fans will not be charged a cover. No guarantees at Third Base South Park.

Again, I apologize for the late message. I don't want our fans to be disappointed if viewing conditions become very difficult. We will hold watch parties next week for the 7 pm game versus the University of Miami.

Thanks,      Wayne